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6 Ways to Have Your Most Productive Morning

6 Ways to Have Your Most Productive Morning



Do you feel like you're always playing "catch up" every matter how EARLY you start the day? According to the Huffington Post, here are 6 WAYS TO HAVE YOUR MOST PRODUCTIVE MORNING:


1. As Soon as You Throw off the Covers...put on extra layers. Turning up the heat makes it hard to stay sleepy. Your body will feel literally warmed-up and ready to go, and your mind will follow.
2. If You Usually Stumble Around Like a Zombie...shift your sleep schedule to match your circadian rhythms. Lock in a wake-up time and going to bed at least 7 hours earlier.
3. While Brushing Your at least 20 deep squats. This activates the large muscles in the thighs and butt quickly gets blood flowing to the brain.




photo credit: Kingfox via photopin cc



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