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7 Things Your Husband Does that You Shouldn't Take Personally

Posted May 1st, 2014 @ 5:07am by Chilli Amar


Sure, sometimes your husband leaves the toilet seat up just to ruffle your feathers, but these 7 things really aren’t done to get him in the dog house on purpose, so relationship coach, Bernardo Mendez, suggests you chill out. It's not personal.

1. He falls asleep during your favorite romantic comedies - "Most men don't feel particularly alive during romantic comedies,” says Mendez. They're just not relatable enough to be interesting.”

2. He's been in the bathroom for an hour - He’s not avoiding you per se, just getting a little down time away from life in general. Take the break to call your mom, or catch up on an episode of “The Mindy Project”…he hates watching that with you anyway.  

3. He's gotten super into CrossFit - Have a conversation about how much you support him, but how his exercise hours are cutting into your alone time. And, look at the bright side, "The more solid the exercise regimen the more active the sex life," says Mendez.

4. He’s now a 35 year old gamer - Even though “Grand Theft Auto” may not be your cup of tea, Mendez offers that “he’s more than likely using the game as a way to transition from work mode to family mode. And taking that time to unwind makes it likely that he'll be more present for you later.”

5. He checks the score of the game while you're on a date - "On some level, he feels like he's betraying his team if he's not supporting it, at least in spirit," Mendez explains. If this drives you nuts, suggest he DVR the game and watch the highlights when you get home instead.

6. He forgets your “regular” order at Starbucks - Only if his absent mindedness becomes a problem should you address it. We all have a brain fart now and then. If it gets worse, ask about what’s stressing him out.

7. You spent hours cooking a nice meal and he gobbles it down and takes off - If you'd rather slow things down, take a tip from restaurants and serve dishes one by one. You will have more time to talk and unwind over each course.



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