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7 Ways Makeup Affects Your Love Life

Posted July 18th, 2014 @ 5:17am by Chilli Amar



According to CollegeCandy, here are 7 WAYS MAKEUP AFFECTS YOUR LOVE LIFE:


1. Wear Eye Shadow? You'll Get More Messages From Men Online: According to a study,  women received 139% more messages from male users once they posted a picture of themselves wearing eye shadow.

2. Red Lips Will Make Him Stare: According to a study from Manchester University, men will keep staring at a woman with red lips for 7.3 seconds. Pink comes it at second by being able to hold a man's attention for 6.7 seconds.

3. Your Undying Love For Makeup Could Come Between You Two. Although some guys dig makeup, most end up saying how much they dislike it and prefer "the natural look," however who can trust this comment when most of the "natural" models men drool over are covered with foundation?




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