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8 Bizarre Futuristic Predictions That Never Came True

8 Bizarre Futuristic Predictions That Never Came True
Posted March 24th, 2014 @ 7:00am


No one can predict what the future holds...but that doesn't stop people from guessing. According to Mashable, here are 8 BIZARRE FUTURIST PREDICTIONS THAT NEVER CAME TRUE:


1.In 1900, it was predicted that by 2000, the letters C, X and Q would disappear  “Spelling by sound will have been adopted. English will be a language of condensed words expressing condensed ideas." 

2. In 1909, a famous French mystic predicted Flying bicycles would dominate the sky, and people would move out of all cities and reside in the country.

3. In 1950, A Science editor for the New York Times predicted All Furniture would be  coated in plastic, and food would come in frozen bricks.  "When Jane cleans house she’ll simply turns the hose on everything," Kaempffert wrote. 

4. In 1950, an Associate Press article predicted 3D televisions would be everywhere,  complete with "smellevision" (1950) 

5. In 1952, scientists at two separate conventions cheerily predicted the end to most diseases and  overpopulation, by 2000.   Solar power would be the dominant form of energy and "journey through space in rocket ships" would be common. 

6. In 1964, Underground homes, with automated kitchens were predicted

7. In 1972, there were high hopes for Communal showers in hippie homes

8. In 1982, Colonies on the moon were predicted, of course!


photo credit: Crossett Library Bennington College via photopin cc

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