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8 Irritating Bad Habits You Can Quit...Using APPS

8 Irritating Bad Habits You Can Quit...Using APPS
Posted April 8th, 2014 @ 5:42am



Do you have some bad habits that you're trying to quit? Sometimes it takes a little "nudge" from someone to keep us on the right track. Well...that nudge isn't coming from a's coming from an APP.

According to, here are 8 BAD HABITS YOU CAN QUIT USING APPS:


1. Smoking cigarettes:

•    Kwit: This free app aims to gamify the quitting process, creating levels and ranks for your journey to becoming the "Ultimate Kwitter." It also hosts a series of motivational cards, which you can draw up any time you need an extra ounce of inspiration.

2. Eating junk food:

•    Fooducate: Free app educates users on all the dirty details of what they're really about to eat. Next time you pick up a Twinkie, scan its barcode on the app to figure out more than just its nutritional facts. Fooducate aims to be a full-on health partner, engaging its users and grading food based on its nutritional value.

3. Overspending: 

•    Mint: This free APP has been a budget frontrunner since it came out. Users sync their bank info with the app and set spending plans. It automatically logs your purchases and spending habits. You can also set financial goals in the app, and it'll help keep you in track.




photo credit: massimo ankor via photopin cc

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