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9 Sneaky Places Skin Cancer Hides

Posted May 12th, 2014 @ 5:02am by Chilli Amar


I'm always paranoid about any mole or bump I see on my skin. I was one of those people who worshipped the sun...without protection. I don't get sunburned...but I'm still worried all that reckless sun exposure in my teen and 20s did serious damage.

According to Total Beauty, here are 9 SNEAKY PLACES SKIN CANCER HIDES:


1. Scalp

2. Eyelids

3. Behind the ear

4. Mouth

5. Under fingernails

6. Underarms and lymph nodes

7. Butt

8. Groin

9. Between the toes




photo credit: Christiana Care via photopin cc

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