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9 Spring Cleaning Activities That Burn Major Calories

Posted April 16th, 2014 @ 5:04am by Chilli Amar


Have you tackled that spring cleaning yet? According to Yahoo, here are 9 SPRING CLEANING ACTIVITIES THAT BURN MAJOR CALORIES:


1. Tame the Yard: Clear out winter's leftover leaves and make way for spring greenery by rooting out weeds and trimming trees. While you're killing calories, add some new life by planting flowers, herbs, fruit, or vegetables.

Raking Burns 146 calories*
Weeding Burns 153 calories
Manually pruning bushes/shrubs/trees Burns 153 calories
Mowing Burns 204 calories
Digging and planting Burns 170 calories

Task Total: 836 calories

*All figures are based on a 150-pound person

2. Gut the Garage: Sweeping the floor, organizing tools and storage, washing the car, and de-gunking the gutters.

Sweeping Burns 136 calories
Organizing (standing) Burns 119 calories
Washing the car Burns 153 calories
Cleaning gutters Burns 170 calories

Task total: 578 calories

3. Attack the Attic: Combat calories by clearing out cobwebs and sorting and organizing stored items.

Packing and unpacking boxes (standing) Burns 119 calories
Moving boxes Burns 191 calories
Vigorous Cleaning Burns 102 calories

Task total: 412



photo credit: DaveCrosby via photopin cc


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