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Allergy or Cold? Here's How You Can Tell the Difference

Allergy or Cold? Here's How You Can Tell the Difference
Posted June 9th, 2014 @ 5:47am by Chilli Amar

(credit Pixabay)


I was born and raised in the DC area...and I never had problems with allergies until a few years ago. Now, I'm occasionally hit with coughing fits and a stuffy nose. I always think it's a cold...then after the symptoms linger...I realize it's allergies.

According to Mashable, here are 5 WAYS TO KNOW IF IT'S ALLERGIES OR A COLD:


1. Consider the time of year: Colds tend to occur in the winter, and they often take several days to show up after exposure to a virus. With seasonal allergies, the onset of symptoms — the sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy eyes — occur immediately after exposure to pollens in spring, summer or fall.

2. Duration of symptoms matters: The symptoms of a cold typically last three to 14 days, but allergy symptoms last longer, usually for weeks, as long as the person is exposed to pollen.





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