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CHILLI'S BLOG: I Can't Stop Eating These!

CHILLI'S BLOG: I Can't Stop Eating These!

(credit: Chilli Amar)


I have a problem. I can't eat just ONE clementine. I've tried. I really have. I'll take one out of the fridge and walk into another room to peel and eat it. Then...after I've inhaled it in two bites, I can't resist going back for seconds, and thirds...and yes, even fourths. I have a clementine addiction!

Yesterday, I brought five clementines to work. My plan was to have one a day. That plan was quickly ruined after I ate ALL of them within five minutes. I'm not kidding. I ate ALL of them within one commercial break. Not only can I not eat just ONE, but I also pop them into my mouth WHOLE.

Please tell me I'm not alone. Are YOU addicted to a particular food item that you can't have just ONE of? Leave your comment below!





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