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CHILLI'S BLOG: My Baby Is Getting So BIG!

CHILLI'S BLOG: My Baby Is Getting So BIG!

One of the best things about being a parent, is watching my son learn something new almost every day. I get such a kick out of seeing him discover the world around him.

Before we had Donato, my husband and I would talk about how our lives would change. One of the moments we pictured was Donato sitting next to us at the kitchen table, in his highchair. Don used to ask me what age that usually happens. I had no idea. I didn't know when babies/infants can start sitting in a highchair....until recently.

One day, my aunt pointed out that Donato was getting too big for his bumbo seat (his legs are too chunky)...and she said it was time to "graduate" to a highchair. I was so excited! Don and I bought a highchair and started using it last week.


(credit: Chilli Amar)


I almost started crying when I saw our little boy sitting in it. Our fantasy is becoming a reality. Pretty soon he'll be eating on his own. I can't wait!!




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