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CHILLI'S BLOG: Yup...I Have "Mommy" Hair Now!

Posted March 19th, 2014 @ 7:10am

This is how I normally wear my a ponytail.


I have naturally curly hair that I've been wearing in a ponytail since my son was born in October. As most Moms can't wear your hair down when you have a grabby infant. I had my hair colored and styled back in January before I returned to work. It looked beautiful...but I was back to wearing it curly and in a ponytail the next day.

Then...about a month ago, my hair started falling out in CLUMPS. gotta love that hormone imbalance. Suddenly my gorgeous full head of pregnancy hair was falling out. I swear I thought I was going bald. It's scary to see so much hair come out in your comb. I decided it was time for a CHANGE. I made a hair appointment and told my stylist to cut my hair...but leave enough for a pony tail.

He ended up chopping 7-inches...and left me with a much shorter and manageable style. Here's the "before" and "after."


It's going to be even shorter when I wear my hair "curly"...but at least it passes the "ponytail test!"


(photo credit: Chilli Amar)

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