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CHILLI'S VIDEO BLOG: Donato Tries Solids for the First Time!

CHILLI'S VIDEO BLOG: Donato Tries Solids for the First Time!


(screenshot: YouTube)


I fall more and more in love with my son each day. His personality is definitely starting to develop and he cracks me up. He's very chatty...and stubborn. Hmmm...I guess that makes me the tree. :)

My precious 4 1/2 month old still isn't sleeping well at night. We're not sure if his acid reflux is to blame...or if his daytime naps are screwing him up. My husband and I have been zombies since his birth...but we've somehow figured out a way to cope with sleeplessness.

Donato's pediatrician recommended that he start eating solids to help with his reflux...and potentially his sleep. I was SO EXCITED to spoon feed him. I knew he was ready. My baby is HUGE for his age...and he's been able to sit up for weeks now. I bought him some rice cereal a couple of weeks ago and introduced him to solids. I wasn't sure how he'd react...but we have his first taste caught on tape!



Ever since that video was taped a couple of weeks ago, Donato has gotten really good at eating with a spoon. He's so adorable when he opens his mouth for food. I can't wait to add veggies and fruit purees to his diet in the next few weeks.

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