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CHILLI'S VIDEO BLOG: I Love My New Mood Nail Polish!

CHILLI'S VIDEO BLOG: I Love My New Mood Nail Polish!



I decided to treat myself to a manicure the other day. I wanted to try something different. My nail salon had a display of "mood" nail polish. I asked my nail tech about it...and she said it's polish that basically changes color when your body temperature changes. I was intrigued enough to try it.

I opted for the pink/purple color. I first noticed the color change when I grabbed a drink from the fridge. My nails turned purple as they got cold holding the chilled water bottle. I thought it was SO COOL! It's like having TWO nail polishes in one.

I grabbed my phone and uploaded this 15-second video onto Instagram...



Many of my friends asked me where I got it. I emailed them a photo I took at my nail salon...featuring the two brands they carry...


(credit: Chilli Amar)


The "Ruby & Wing" brand is for a regular manicure...while the MOOD one on the right is for gel nails. I'm sure there are other'll just have to look them up online.

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