It may not feel like it, but Spring  has sprung (astronomically, at least) and Dairy Queen has found a fun way to celebrate. Anyone that hits a local DQ – as long as it’s not in a  mall – you’ll score a free small vanilla soft-serve cone with the  signature curl on the top (one per person). Want it dipped in chocolate?  You can, but it’ll cost you $1 – and it’s worth it, but more on that in  a minute.

Dubbed "Free Cone Day" by Dairy Queen, the company has something more  than giving away product on their minds: they use this day to collect  donations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  So if you feel inspired by the cause, you can drop off your donation  before picking up your cone OR donate when you get your cone dipped! To  find out how you can donate to Children’s Miracle Network facilities, CLICK HERE and in the meantime, go get your cone on!

There's also another frozen treat you can enjoy TODAY. 

Source: PopSugar