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GOOGLE Medical Diagnosis Survey

GOOGLE Medical Diagnosis Survey
Posted March 17th, 2014 @ 5:05am

(credit: Chilli Amar)


Whenever I Google my symptoms when I'm sick, I get a little freaked out. According to a new survey...

- 42% of people say they ALWAYS Google their symptoms before they see a doctor. 

- 27% take it further, and rely on Google for a diagnosis.

- 20% believe their search results OVER what a doctor tells them.

The number one reason people give for Googling their symptoms and using the Internet to diagnose themselves is that it's faster than waiting for a doctor's appointment. The number two reason is to see if it's WORTH going to a doctor.

Of the people who have diagnosed themselves…42% say they have gotten it right... and 58% wound up getting it wrong. 

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