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How To Be A More Generous Partner

How To Be A More Generous Partner
Posted February 5th, 2014 @ 7:30am


Would you say you're in a happy marriage? According to a recent study, couples who reported a high amount of generosity in their relationship were five times more likely to say their marriage was "very happy."

According to, here are 30 WAYS TO BE A MORE GENEROUS PARTNER:


1. Give your significant other a genuine compliment.

2. Surprise your partner with their favorite meal.

3. Make him or her coffee in the morning.

4. Wake your sweetheart up with a massage.

5. Hold his or her hand.

6. Hand over the remote.

7Leave a handwritten note in their pocket.

8. Pick up their favorite snack on the way home.

9. Tell him or her how sexy they are.

10. Let it go. 


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photo credit: pedrosimoes7 via photopin cc

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