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LOOK: Female-Friendly Action Heros



For the most part, all female action figures have three things in common – an ample chest, a big booty, and a teeny tiny waist.

But a couple of moms got together and decided to take a crack at designing female action figures geared toward girls – not adult males – and the outcome is awesome.

Moms Julie Kerwin and Dawn Nadeau jumped on Kickstarter to see if they could make their dream happen and in just 30 days, they exceeded their funding goal by a whopping 465 percent!

The new figures are called IAmElemental and will sell for $8.99 when they launch.

The toys are scaled more to "natural" sizes and they represent seven elements of courage: bravery, energy, honesty, industry, enthusiasm, persistence, and fear.

We have a feeling boys will like them too, since their outfits are done in a slick silver and some of them even have flames shooting out their shoulders.

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