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Office Taboos That Are No Longer a Big Deal

Office Taboos That Are No Longer a Big Deal
Posted May 15th, 2014 @ 5:01am by Chilli Amar


According to Monster, here are some OLD OFFICE TABOOS THAT ARE NO LONGER A BIG DEAL:


1. Office Romances – These days, bosses know that it’s not realistic to enforce rules that ban coworkers from dating. It’s going to happen because it’s always happened, whether the bosses knew it or not.
2. Water Cooler Conversations – Hanging out and sharing stories with co-workers used to be perceived as a waste of precious company time. These days, good managers know that an office that enjoys telling stories and laughing together are relaxed and have a better chance of working together as a team.
3. Leaving Early – Back in the day, you had to pretend you were a robot and shut every other aspect of your life down to work your allotted hours at the office. Now, days are more flexible and most companies give employees the flexibility to take care of family business … as long as the work still gets done.



photo credit: dpwolf via photopin cc



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