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PARENTS: Tips on How to Make Summer Camp a Good One

Posted July 2nd, 2014 @ 5:00am by Chilli Amar


Wringing your hands about letting your little ones go off to Summer camp? Well, calm down and listen to these tips for making the process go smoothly:

1) Give your children time to adjust to camp: Knowing they can just pick up the phone and you're there to the rescue will dissolve the whole camp project.  So allow them those first couple of days of getting used to a very different environment.  Former camp counselor Megan Hayes Hardy tells NBC News, “It can take a day or two for your camper to adjust, but if they know you are a phone call away, they will focus on that instead of adapting to camp life. Also, chances are the first letter you receive from them may say they hate it at camp, but by the time that letter reaches you, they love it."

2) Plastic to the rescue: No, not your credit card.  One thing to consider is packing each day's outfit in a gallon-sized Ziplock bag.  That makes for a go-to morning choice for a kid with a whole lot of distractions going on around him or her.

3) Use the time for yourself: Go to a late movie. Go on a spontaneous day trip. Go get a massage or make grown-up dinner plans.  Don't miss out on your seasonal joy.

4) Let the kids fly without you: Moms who interacted with NBC News seem to agree that your kids will come back from summer having reached a certain level of maturity die to their experience.  Sarah Maizes says, "You never get back the same child. They're older, they're wiser... and they know how to shave their legs."

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photo credit: Camp Pinewood YMCA via photopin cc

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