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Sexist Dating Tips from 1938

Posted April 23rd, 2014 @ 5:01am by Chilli Amar



According to Imgur, here are 13 SEXIST DATING TIPS FROM 1938:


1. Don’t be sentimental and don’t try to make him say something he doesn’t want to by working on his emotions. Men don’t like tears, especially in public places

2. Don’t use the car mirror to fix your makeup. Man needs it and driving, and it annoys him very much to have them turn around to see what’s behind him.

3. Don’t sit in awkward positions – and never look bored, even if you are. Be alert, and if you must chew gum (not advised), do so silently, mouth closed.

4. Do your dressing in your boudoir to keep your allure. Be ready to go when date arrives; don’t keep him waiting. Greet him with a smile.

5. Men don’t like girls who borrow their handkerchief and smudge them with lipstick. Make up in privacy, not where he sees you.




photo credit: e r j k p r u n c z y k via photopin cc



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