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SURVEY: What Would You Do To Get Your Stolen Phone Back?

SURVEY: What Would You Do To Get Your Stolen Phone Back?
Posted May 9th, 2014 @ 5:02am by Chilli Amar


It's pretty devastating when your phone gets stolen. It's not just expensive to replace...but you also lose everything you haven't backed up, and the thief has access to everything you're logged into. However, are you willing to put your life in DANGER to get it back? 

According to new study...

-68% of people say they'd be willing to put themselves in, quote, "some amount of danger" to get back a stolen phone.

-50% of people say if a thief was holding their phone for a ransom, they'd pay at least $500 to get it back. 

-33% of people would pay at least $1,000.

The study also found one out of 10 people have had their phone stolen.

-44% had their phone stolen because they left it behind in a public place...14% had it stolen out of their car or house...and 11% had it stolen out of their pocket or purse.

-Restaurants are the most common places where phones are stolen, bars are second, and work is third.


photo credit: Lulu Vision via photopin cc

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