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The 10 Body Parts People Love...and the 10 They Hate

Posted July 29th, 2014 @ 5:00am by Chilli Amar



It's easier to come up with 10 things you dislike about your body than 10 things you like.  So maybe this will help:  Every single other person feels the same way, so relax.

A new survey came up with the top 10 body parts people hate the most, and the top 10 they love the most.  And it's not about what you like or dislike on OTHER's all about YOUR body.

The top 10 body parts we HATE the most are: 


1. Our stomach

2. Love handles

3. Upper arm flab

4. Thighs

5. Nose

6. Breasts or pecs

7. Teeth

8. Legs

9. Butt

10. Feet

The top 10 body parts we LOVE the most are: 


1. Eyes

2. Hair

3. Legs

4. Teeth

5. Lips

6. Butt

7. Shoulders

8. Breasts or pecs

9. Hands

10. Back

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