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THE 10 Tattoos People Regret the Most




A doctor in the UK who does tattoo removals made a list of the top ten tattoos people ask him to laser off.  And lower back tattoos...a.k.a. "tramp stamps"...are number one.  Here are the ten tattoos he says people regret the most.


1.  Tramp stamps.

2.  A tattoo of something around your bicep, like barbed wire.

3.  An ex's name.

4.  Any tattoo you got while you were drunk.

5.  Any tattoo that got distorted because you gained weight. 

6.  Cheap tattoos. 

7.  Any tattoo that you can't hide.

8.  A tattoo of a band name. 

9.  Permanent eyebrows. 

10.  A tattoo of anything involving a FAD. 


Source: Daily Mail


photo credit: S Adam Zuckerman via photopin cc

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