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The 11 Worst People For Your Diet

The 11 Worst People For Your Diet



Trying to lose weight? Food may not be your only "enemy" or "challenge." According to Healthy Living, here are THE 11 WORST PEOPLE FOR YOUR DIET:


1. The insecure spouse: Sometimes an insecure person seeks out an overweight partner to alleviate his or her own insecurity.

2. The food critic: Your foodie friend's opinions on your restaurant order can easily undermine your efforts.

3. The sports fan: Whether you're heading to a Super Bowl party, the ballpark, or a sports bar, you're going to be tempted by high-fat fare-and the friends who indulge in front of you.

4. The workout partner: Having a gym buddy can help you maintain your motivation to exercise, but if she always heads straight to the juice bar for a protein shake post-sweat, watch out. Many of these shakes contain 200 to 300 calories that you probably don't need.




photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

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