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The 5 Beauty Products Women Waste Their Money On

Posted May 19th, 2014 @ 5:02am by Chilli Amar

(credit: Pixabay)


I knew women spent a lot of money on make-up and beauty stuff.  But I didn't know it was THIS much.  And how pointless it all was.

According to a new study by the makers of Vaseline, the average woman WASTES over $300,000 worth of beauty products in her lifetime.

Women buy 6,495 different products, including 840 moisturizers, 360 nail polishes, and 300 lipsticks . . . and only use 10% of them.  So, they spend about $330,000 total, and 90% of the stuff doesn't get used.

According to The Daily Mail, here are the 5 BEAUTY PRODUCTS WOMEN WASTE THE MOST MONEY ON:

1. Nail polish

2. Shampoo

3. Lipstick

4. Perfume

5. Shower gel

The one thing that DOESN’T go to waste is deodorant.  The average woman uses it three times a day.

The study also found that men buy 960 beauty products over their lifetime, or about 12 a year.  And they use ALL OF THEM.  Plus, one in four men admit they sometimes use their wife's stuff.

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