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The 9 Most Interesting Characters at the Gym

The 9 Most Interesting Characters at the Gym
Posted April 15th, 2014 @ 5:00am by Chilli Amar



If you frequent the gym..then you've probably come across at least a few of these people. According to, here are THE 9 MOST INTERESTING CHARACTERS AT THE GYM:


1. The trainer who thinks his/her job is equivalent to the President's: When you train with them, whatever self-confidence you had is instantly destroyed. They will take your pride, integrity and ego and rip it apart like a puppy with its first chew toy.

2. The girl who wears her hair down: Wearing your hair down at the gym is like wearing a fur coat to the beach: This conveys two messages: 1) You forgot to bring a hair tie or, 2) You are at the gum for any reason BUT working out and breaking a sweat.

3. The grandma wearing jeans: It doesn’t matter that you’re wearing jeans to work out, because we know — for your heart’s sake — you’re not going to do anything too strenuous. Gracing the gym with your presence is simply enough.



photo credit: Vu Bui via photopin cc

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