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The Most Entertaining Cities in the Country

Posted July 31st, 2014 @ 5:02am by Chilli Amar



It's about time people realized the most exciting place in the country isn't New York, Miami, or Vegas.  A new study ranked the 100 biggest cities in the country from the most entertaining to least entertaining...and Cincinnati, Ohio came in number one.

The rankings are based on 24 different categories, including the cost of movies, bowling, and pizza...the number of parks, pools, and beaches...and the nicest weather.

The top 10 are: 


1. Cincinnati, Ohio

2. Orlando, Florida

3. Omaha, Nebraska

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

5. Tampa, Florida

6. St. Petersburg, Florida

7. St. Louis, Missouri

8. Boise, Idaho

9. Buffalo, New York

10. Sacramento, California

The LEAST entertaining city in the country is Newark, New Jersey.  The second-least entertaining is Laredo, Texas. 



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