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The Top 5 Situations We Take Baby Photos Of

Posted July 23rd, 2014 @ 5:00am by Chilli Amar


In a new survey, some parents DENIED taking tons of photos of their baby.  Which means they're probably lying.  Of the people who admitted it, the survey found the average baby is photographed 780 TIMES before their first birthday.

That's an average of just over two photos a day.  But obviously some days are more photo-heavy than others. 

Here are top five situations when we take WAY too many pictures of babies.


1.  Immediately after they're born.  56% of parents admit to it.

2.  Selfies, where you're in bed together for the first time, 44%.

3.  The first time they smile, 33%.

4.  Their first bath, 33%.

5.  The first time they meet their grandparents, 31%.




photo credit: via photopin cc


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