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Things Women Know To Be True About Facebook

Things Women Know To Be True About Facebook
Posted February 6th, 2014 @ 7:30am

(source: Pixabay)


Yes...I'm on Facebook. A lot. It's how I stayed in touch with the "outside world" during my maternity leave. I'd have my smartphone with me while I was feeding the baby so I could keep tabs on any big news stories and what my friends were doing.

According to the Huffington Post, here are 10 THINGS WOMEN KNOW TO BE TRUE ABOUT FACEBOOK:


1. A good hair day means changing your profile pic. 

2. You know the "View as (select friend)" feature was probably created by someone who just ended a relationship.

3. You know how to use your privacy settings in a way that acts as un-friending.

4. When you start dating someone, you immediately polish up your public profile. He/she should see your pretty face and impressive job, but not all your albums.

5. You know that your profile/cover picture personality is a digital representation of everything you are.




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