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Top 10 Things People Do In Their Cars

Top 10 Things People Do In Their Cars



Gone are the days when all people would do behind the DRIVE. Now, it seems most of us are multi-tasking while steering or sitting in traffic.

According to a new survey, here are the TOP 10 THINGS PEOPLE DO WHILE DRIVING:


1. Singing out loud . . . 56% of people say they do it.

2. Talking on the phone, 50%

3. Eating, 50%

4. Reading text messages, 26%

5. Sending text messages, 20%

6. Taking photos, 13%

7. Reading emails, 12%

8. Sending emails, 9%

9. Watching TV or a movie, 7%. 

10. Putting on make-up, 7%

Then things start to get even MORE dangerous.  The rest of the top 15 are:  Changing clothes, putting on deodorant, flossing your teeth, working on a laptop . . . and READING. 


photo credit: bark via photopin cc


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