1. The New Irish Breakfast: Jameson's and OJ, 2 0z ea shaken and poured over ice cube

2. Irish Pickelback: 1 1/2 oz Irish Whiskey & pickle juice. Shoot the whiskey and chase with chilled pickle juice. ewe, but ok. 

3. Shamrock Shake Smash: 1 bottle Guinness & couple scoops frozen Shamrock Shake from McD's. Pour Guinness 3/4 of the way to top of glass. Add a couple scoops Shamrock Shake. 

4. Irish Car Bomb: 1/2 oz Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur, 1/2 oz Jameson & 1 Guinness. Pour the Irish Creme and Jameson into shot glass with Irish Creme layer on the bottom. Drop into glass filled 3/4 of the way with Guinness (after it's settled) 

Once you've made your green drinky have some fun figuring out your Leprechaun names.


Stumpy O'Bourbon