Two Students Spend 48 hours in a Walmart

Walmart - For 48 Hours How'd you like to spend 48 hours in Walmart? It seems two Indiana University students, Christian Perry and Noah Maxwell, thought they'd give it a try - all in the name of YouTube comedy. Perry says, "About 35 minutes in I was already getting sick of it. I started really listening to the music and realized that it's just non-stop. And then the lighting and everything. ... I was starting to lose my mind. After a little bit you get into this state where you just feel out of it." As to why, Perry said it was a combination of curiosity and frustration with others who take the challenge. They played every game in the electronics section and arcade. They read books and product labels. They listened to podcasts and attracted dirty looks from security. Perry says, "We quickly realized if we buy stuff like every three hours, they can't really say anything to us because we're customers. I bought a bunch of gum and Noah kept buying food. ... We ate at the Subway in the store. We even got haircuts at the salon." For rest, they made a fort in the toilet paper section and tried to get some sleep. But Perry said the highlight for him was some alone time in the Walmart bathroom. "At one point I just went in there and sat down on the toilet for like an hour. It was the only place that was quiet and away from the lights," he said. "It was probably the best time I had." (USA Today)