How to Capture the Eclipse on Your Smartphone

Can you get a good shot of Monday's eclipse with the camera on your phone?

The short answer is…not all that well. But it still might be worthwhile, if you take advantage of tips I found at

First…the eclipse is going to be pretty small in your shot – but don’t use the digital zoom if you want any sharpness at all.

Second…you’ll need two pairs of eclipse glasses – one for your eyes and one for the lens on your phone (yes, there is some chance that an unprotected phone could be harmed)..

Other tips: set up early, using a tripod or some other support to keep your phone totally still…put the camera on manual focus, getting the moon as sharp as possible…use a voice command or Bluetooth remote control to take your photos without jostling the phone…and, since the eclipse will be so small in the photo, consider shots that incorporate the skyline or a crowd of people looking up.

Follow this link for more suggestions and apps that might help you capture your once-in-a-lifetime photo.