Why There's Nothing Here

Every week I try to find interesting items to blog about. While some of my posts can be kinda nerdy, you can always be assured the subjects fascinated me in a way I hoped would be infectious.

It could be I’m tired or inefficient or a poor observer this week – because this space is empty.

Wish I could blame it on Back To School! But I think it’s overload.

The enormity of the storm damage in Texas…on top of what I continue to feel as a visceral reaction to the visibility of racists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville and elsewhere…on top of our President managing to dominate the news. No matter what you think of Mr. Trump, he does shower us with tweets, rallies and controversy.

So Harvey and Hate…Arizona and Arpaio…it’s been a bit much.

When you’re on overload, is there interest left for some of the other stuff (Nats & Skins/VMAs/GoT Finale/Is Floyd Mayweather the greatest/Are fans now for or against Taylor Swift/How am I going to get around the new Beach Drive closings)? 

Well, not so much.

Although 1,069 robots dancing at the same time was pretty cool: