'Stranger Things' Fans Buy $400,000 Worth Of Dinosaur Hoodies

Fans of Stranger Things are so obsessed with the show that they aren't just eating Eggo waffles, they're also listening to the '80s music featured on the series and getting inspired by the fashion from the show. 

In fact, one hoodie that Gaten Matarazzo's character Dustin wears is so in demand it's sold out. 

The hoodie, which comes from the Science Museum of Minnesota and has a brontosaurus skeleton on it, appears in the first episode of the second season. 

The museum originally sold it in the early '80s but as people started looking for it following the new season's premiere, they put it up for sale again. 

Demand was so high that their website crashed. Once back up a few hours later, they moved 10,000 items and brought in $400,000. Since the museum is a non-profit, they explained that all the proceeds will "go back to our mission of science and education and inspiring other young kids like Dustin on the show and his friends to have an interest in science.  

A new shipment has arrived but it's selling fast. You can now get a t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie with prices ranging from $15 to $40. Buy yours here