Naya Rivera's Domestic Battery Charge Against Husband Dropped

Naya Rivera is officially off the hook for her domestic battery charge against her estranged husband, Ryan Dorsey.

TMZ was the first to publish this story, back in November 2017. During Thanksgiving weekend, "Dorsey called cops to report her for hitting him. According to Dorsey, Rivera hit him in the head and the face -- his bottom lip, to be exact -- while they were on a walk with their 2-year-old son," the news outlet reported.

TMZ added, "According to the Kanawha County Sheriff's Dept ... Ryan gave the responding deputies a video of the attack." The actress was later released on $1,000 bond and was picked up from jail by her father-in-law. 


Now, the news site confirms that Rivera's case has been dismissed because Dorsey doesn't want to press any charges. Hopefully, they'll be no more family feuds...because nobody wins. 

Photo: Getty Images


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