Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Makes Music to Speak His Truth

Imagine Dragons are all about their fans. Earlier this month, the alt-rockers launched a cryptic contest that prompted people to solve puzzles in order to unlock parts of a special website for a chance to win tickets to an intimate performance in Las Vegas. They're always engaging their fans, but to singer Dan Reynolds it's so much more than that.

In 2017, he started the LoveLoud festival as a way to help raise awareness of the struggles Mormon LGBTQ teens and young adults face. In its second year, the event raised not only awareness, but also $1 million to an array of LGBTQ charities. 

The Mormon bandleader recently spoke with The San Diego Union-Tribune about the importance of politics in music. "I think the whole reason for art, for music, for a voice, is to speak to the truth and to fight for what you believe," he declared. "Whether it’s injustices being done or just a simple song about love and what your beliefs on love are, I think every artist, if they’re not speaking their truth and not standing up for what they believe in — not just in (song), but in interviews — they aren’t deserving of that platform and it should be given to someone else who will make use of it."

He then admitted it took him too long in his career to speak up about what he believes in, and the impact that had on him personally. " I think I spent far too much of my career hiding my thoughts and living fearfully. And I regret that," he confessed. "I found it was incredibly stifling to me, and a contributing factor to the depression in my life, until I had a therapist who encouraged me to speak my truth."

Imagine Dragons go back to their hometown of Las Vegas to play the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 22. Read Dan's full interview here.

Photo: Getty Images

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