Day 1 Of Our WASH4KIDS Radiothon at Children's National!

Day 1 of our WASH4KIDS Radiothon pres. by Mattress Warehouse was a huge success! Toby Knapp, Chilli Amar, Jenni Chase and Sabrina Conte were all broadcasting live from Children's National Medical Center in Washington D.C. and in addition to getting a first-hand look at the incredible environment that Children's National has created for their patients, we got to meet with five individuals whose lives have been changed thanks to the work that this hospital does.

But first, Toby and Chilli got to speak with Dr. Kurt Newman, President and CEO of Children's National, who has been a member of the Children's National family for 34 years! Dr. Newman shared what makes Children's National such a special place as well as some stories that have really resonated with him during his time here!

Chilli and Jenni then caught up with Amanda, a 16-year-old bone cancer survivor who was treated at Children's National!

Amanda was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a dangerous and rare type of cancer, and she ultimately had to have her leg amputated. She's thriving now and has a prosthetic leg that keeps her playing on her high school's basketball team!

16-month-old Isabelle and her mom, Krista, also joined us on-air as they shared their experience of coming to Children's National. Isabelle had a stroke in utero and has spent the past nine months working with the the staff at Children's National to gain strength.

Toby and Sabrina got to speak with Charles, who was struck by a car when he was 8-years-old. He was put on life support among his arrival at Children's National and shared with us just how special the team is here! 

Natalie has been coming to Children's National for about 17 years and thanks to their staff, she has been able to "understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle" and has maintained the goals she sets for herself!

Sabrina sat down with Tyler and his mom Melissa to explain how Children's National Medical Center no only helps save children's lives, but also the family's lives. Children’s National made a difference in Tyler’s life and you can make a difference too.

And finally, Sabrina and Jenni got to meet Olivia! When Olivia was 6-months-old, her parents were told that she had and enlarged heart and would require transplant.

Every year on the anniversary of her transplant, her mom shared a special tradition that her family does to honor both Olivia and her donor, Ashley as well as the special connection that both of their families have with each other.