Walker Hayes | 3.21.19

Walker Hayes came by our iHeartRadio Sound Stage to play an acoustic set for a group of WMZQ listeners and shared some of the stories behind his music! (stay tuned for the full performance)

He shared that the idea behind "You Broke Up With Me" came from after he went separate ways with a label, his wife made a comment saying "they broke up with you" and boom 💥 the concept of the song was born!

Walker also played a lesser known track from his album called "Dollar Store" and the room couldn't help but smile at lyrics like "I can grant you a discount wish down at the dollar store, buy you whatever you holla for"

And of course we got to hear his latest single, "90s Country"! With this track, Walker shared that he wanted to express his love for that time period of the genre and if you listen closely, each line references a popular song from that era!