Chilli's Fake Lash Sticker Shock

I like having someone else do my makeup whenever I have special occasion. I usually go to one of those places in the mall where for a minimum purchase of product, you get a "free" makeover. I went to Sephora on Friday before heading over to The Anthem to help host our M&T Bank Blossom Bash. We were all going to be on stage, welcoming the crowd...and mingling with clients. I wanted to look nice.

I figured it would be easy to meet the $50 minimum purchase. I'd buy lashes and a moisturizer I liked. I sat back and had the makeup artist work her magic. My makeup looked great. I handed her my credit card and nearly fell out of my chair when she told me the total came to $83! I had NO IDEA the lashes she picked out were $30! What???? I never pay that much for lashes. I assumed they would cost around $10. Nope. These lashes were special because you can re-use them up to 30 times. Well...that's great for someone who knows how to glue them on...or who likes to wear them daily...but that's NOT ME.

I was mad at myself for not asking how much the lashes were before she put them on my face...but lesson learned. From now on, I will ALWAYS ask the price of something before they put it on. Meanwhile, I've been getting up ten minutes earlier than usual to put these lashes on. I want to make sure I get my money's worth! On a positive note, this experience is making me better at putting lashes on myself, so next time I won't need anyone else to glue them on.

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