Spoiler Alert: Who Is Rumored To Be On 'Bachelor In Paradise' This Season?!

Even though we are still in the midst of Hannah's current season of The Bachelorette, let's be honest. WE CAN'T WAIT UNTIL BACHELOR IN PARADISE!

The infamous Reality Steve on Twitter has insight on who will is rumored to be looking for love in Mexico this summer (which Cosmopolitan has shared) and SPOILER ALERT there's a couple of guys from this season who are currently still on the show who are apparently going to be on the show:

The Women:

  • Tayshia Adams (Colton’s season)
  • Hannah Godwin (Colton's season)
  • Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Colton’s season)
  • Nicole Lopez-Alvar (Colton’s season)
  • Onyeka Ehie (Colton’s season)
  • Demi Burnett (Colton’s season)
  • Sydney Lotuaco (Colton’s season)
  • Kristina Schulman (Nick’s season)
  • Bibiana Julian (Arie’s season)

The Men:

  • John Paul Jones (Hannah's season)
  • Dylan Barbour (Hannah's season)
  • Connor S. (Hannah's season)
  • Joe Barsano (Hannah's season) - AKA the one who showed up in a box on night 1
  • Old Matt Donald (Hannah's season)
  • Kevin Fortenberry (Hannah's season)
  • Cam Ayala (Hannah's season) - remember ABC: always be Cam
  • Blake Hostmann (Becca's season)

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