Chilli's Son Has Funny Answers on His Pre-K Graduation 'Exit Interview'

Today is my son's last day of Pre-K. He will be starting kindergarten in August. I am confident he is academically ready for elementary school. I'm hoping he's EMOTIONALLY ready to make the transition. Since his birthday is in October, he'll be one of the older kids in his class...which is a good thing. He's more ready to leave preschool than I am. LOL.

Earlier this week, he brought home a bunch of "end-of-school-year" projects. One of the items in his cubby was an "exit interview" which gives you a peek into the mind of a 5-year old. Parents love reading these answers because some of them can catch you off guard and make you laugh out loud. Here are Donato's answers...

My first laugh was triggered by him wanting to be a cowboy. He has NEVER mentioned that before. I have no idea where that came from...but I love it. The biggest laugh came when I saw that he was going to have 77 kids. Ha! My husband and I better teach him about abstinence...or birth control as soon as he starts dating. I'm also tickled at what he describes as the worst part of school.

I'm going to treasure his innocent answers for years to come. I'm also going to conduct my own interview at the beginning/end of each school year. Mine will be in the form of a video.

If you've got young kids, I encourage you to do the same. As you know, they grow up SO FAST. There are details we can't always remember (like the sound of their little voices), so looking back at those videos when they're older will be such a treat. Now, if you'll excuse me...I'm going to watch the video of Donato taking his first steps (sniff, sniff).