Fairfax County Residents Are Losing Sleep Over Loud Metro Construction

Metro has shut down the six stations until September 8th, for a project that will repair metro station platforms. It's been a big inconvenience for commuters...but it turns out they're not the only ones who are feeling the pain. Folks who live near the Huntington Metro Station in Fairfax County say the late-night construction noise has been unbearable. They say they struggling to get to sleep.

Fairfax County has a noise ordinance that prohibits outdoor construction after 9 p.m...however, Metro says it has a 24/7 exemption from that ordinance, but only for track work.

According to FOX 5, a video taken from the Midtown Alexandria Condominiums shows workers with jackhammers. The cell phone time stamp is 12:53 a.m. Saturday.