Chilli Explains Why Preschool Gifts Are the Best

The most treasured gifts are those that are made by hand. This is why I look forward to seeing what my son makes for every special occasion. Preschool teachers are awesome. They help kids make such cute (and often USEFUL) gifts for Moms and Dads. I got a plant for Mother's Day. It was in a pot that Donato decorated. He's given me poem's written inside a cut-out of his hand print. He's also given me a necklace made with glitter glue that I wear all the time.

I knew he was going to make something special for Father's Day. I was right. He came home with a level...that he decorated/painted himself. The teacher also had him put his school photo in one of the openings. How cute is that?!? Donato couldn't wait to give Don his gift on Sunday morning.