Chilli Plans To Wear A Bikini For The First Time Since Her Childhood

My family and I are heading to the beach in less than two weeks. Vacation prep is underway...and I bought something over the weekend that I haven't owned/worn since I was five-years old. A bikini. It's the first step in overcoming my insecurities. I'm trying to love the skin I'm in. I realized that no matter how much I weigh, I'll never feel like I have a "bikini body." With each passing year, I tell myself I'm going to wear a two-piece at the beach...and I always chicken out. Sure, I bought a couple of tank-inis last year...but my belly wasn't exposed, so it doesn't really count.

I made the decision that THIS was going to be the year I followed through with my bikini purchase shortly after my boudoir photoshoot. If I can allow myself to be photographed in lingerie...then I can muster up enough courage to put on a freaking bikini. Every year, I see women wearing swimsuits with confidence. I envy their ability to flaunt what they've got without a care in the world. This year, I'm going to try be like those women.

I went shopping over the weekend and bought my first bikini. I found some high-waisted bikini bottoms at Target...but I didn't like any of the top options. So, I went to a bunch of stores in the mall and found a top that I liked at Macy's. I also bought two one-piece swimsuits at Target...just in case my confidence falters (or I want to avoid wardrobe malfunctions during water activities).

Below is me in a green bikini at the age of 5...followed by my new bikini and swimsuits.

Chilli Green Bikini
Chilli Swimsuits