Chilli's House Has Been Taken Over By Vacation Prep

When it comes to vacations, you're either a planner (like me) or a procrastinator (like Toby). We are heading back to our favorite spot at Lewes Beach, DE next week. We're staying in the same beach house. As you may know, when you rent a house, you often have to provide everything yourself. Towels, linens, soap, detergent, rafts, umbrella, chairs, etc. You get the picture. It requires more packing than just your clothes.

My vacation prep starts about a week before we leave. I make a list of items and start gathering them by the front door. They're usually the "bulk" items that can't be packed away in a suitcase. Right now, my living room is the "staging area." This allows me to SEE what we're missing, so I can buy it before we leave. Yes, we could always buy stuff once we get to the beach...but why spend the money if we don't have to?

When it comes to CLOTHES...I don't pack those until the day before we leave. I do however make a quick list of which outfits I'm going to take so I don't over pack (my husband and I share a suitcase). If I don't plan like this in advance, I get anxious. If I leave it all until the last minute, my mind starts racing. This way, I'm able to get excited about our trip.

I will say that having a child took my planning to the next level. Before having Donato, my husband and I packed the night before and used just one suitcase. LOL. I the only one who has staging areas or preps like this? What does your pre-vacation ritual entail?