Chilli Recaps Her Son's First Day of Kindergarten

By now, you may be tired of seeing your social media pages blow up with everyone's back-to-school pics. Hey, at least it's not negative news headlines, right? I'll take adorable pics of kids with their signs ANY day over negativity. Yesterday was a big day for our family. Donato started Kindergarten. He was SO EXCITED about riding a bus for the first time and making new friends. I was a nervous wreck.

My mind was put at ease a bit when we met his teachers last week. We got to see his classroom. We got to ask questions. I felt much better afterwards. I kept myself busy over the weekend with last minute preparations. When we woke up yesterday morning, I was in "go mode." I packed his snacks and made sure he didn't spill any breakfast on his clothes. husband and I waited with him at the bus stop with all the other kids in the neighborhood. Seeing him standing there with his backpack and lunch box was so surreal. I couldn't believe the day had finally arrived.

The bus arrived on time...and we quickly took pics as he boarded. Donato never looked back. He ran up the steps and sat down right behind the driver. As soon as the doors closed, I started crying. Tears welled up in my eyes. There was another Kindergarten mom there and she and I both gave each other that "look." She got in her car and went to work, while I walked back to the house alone (my husband left for work). I cried the entire way back (about 10 min) and got it all out of my system. Then, I grabbed my keys and met one of my mom friends for breakfast. She too had dropped her daughter off at Kindergarten (different school). We shared our first day stories and laughed at how it felt like a therapy session. Afterwards, I went to a hair appointment for a blowout...then I capped off my afternoon with some retail therapy. It was perfect.

My husband came home early so we could both be there to greet Donato when he got off the school bus. He jumped right out of his seat and started talking even before he took his first step down the stairs. We could tell he had an AWESOME day. During our quarter-mile walk back to the house, he told us about the cool cafeteria (he bought lunch), he loved his music class...he also shared a word he learned in Spanish class. Then he talked about recess (they have two) and how he went down the "bumpy" slide. He answered all our questions enthusiastically. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

We capped off this first day by taking him out to dinner and ice cream...and to make it even better, we were joined by one of this pre-school friends and her family. Watching the two of them laugh and compare notes was precious.

Now that the first day is under our belts, I pray that he continues to be excited. My prayer for all kids as they head back to school is that they're safe...that they're kind...and that they're inspired.