Mariah Carey's Daughter Is All Of Us On Shopping Spree

Imagine being Mariah Carey's daughter and being able to go on a shopping spree anywhere in the world. Seriously, Mariah can literally shop anywhere she wants and buy anything she wants. Louis Vuitton. Gucci. Valentino. Neiman Marcus. Burberry. Chanel. Really, anything.

So when Mariah told her 8-year-old daughter Monroe that she could go on a shopping spree anywhere she wanted, you might think she would have chosen one of those high-end options... Or maybe, since she's 8, she would have picked Justice or Abercrombie Kids.

But no, Monroe picked Target!

Girl literally got to live out every woman's dream... Shopping at Target with Mariah Carey's money. Can you imagine?

Also gotta love that Mariah remained true to herself while pushing her red cart around the store - she wore stilettos.