Reporter Has No Idea His Filter Is on During Facebook Live

A news reporter from North Carolina is out in the field reporting on hazardous conditions due to snow and has no idea his random filter generator is on while doing a Facebook Live video.

During the video for WLOS 13 News, Justin Hinton talks about the dangerous road conditions while various filters are applied to him. The reporter becomes a space astronaut, a wizard, gets googly eyes, gets a purple mustache, lifts dumbbells and so on.

After the video ended, Hinton explained what happened on Facebook:

Right before going live on Facebook on theWLOS ABC 13station account to talk about snow, I somehow activated a filter generator. The photog I was working with said something about the screen having weird faces. He didn’t elaborate, so I said it would probably go away. Needless to say, it did not go away.😂😂I didn’t realize it until I stepped off camera and saw the comments where people were talking about the faces. My bosses, coworkers, friends, PIOs and more called/texted saying how funny it was, so here you go. If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point of laughter? I hope you enjoyed the snow day, and remember to smile and laugh!


Photo: YouTube/KHOU

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