People Named Josh or Karen Spend the Most Money Online

If your name is Joshua or Karen, you spend more money online than anyone else according to a new survey released by online retailer

They combed through their records of who bought what and how much to come up with a list of names.

Topping the list for who spends the most for women:

  1. Karen
  2. Courtney
  3. Stephanie
  4. Maddie
  5. April
  6. Jessica
  7. Mary
  8. Georgia
  9. Catherine
  10. Amanda

Topping the list for who spends the most for men:

  1. Joshua
  2. Chris
  3. Callum
  4. Scott
  5. Lewis
  6. Luke
  7. Jacob
  8. Marcus
  9. Phillip
  10. Andy

Okay, so what about the people who spend the least amount online? has names for that, too.

photo: Getty Images

Most frugal women:

  1. Emma
  2. Katie
  3. Julie
  4. Alice
  5. Zoe
  6. Kelly
  7. Lucy
  8. Claire
  9. Sarah
  10. Amy

Most frugal men:

  1. Matthew
  2. Jack
  3. Sam
  4. James
  5. Simon
  6. Edward
  7. Connor
  8. Paul
  9. Ben
  10. Liam

Strange, I don't find my name anywhere on the frugal list. I would definitely be on it. I don't even remember the last time I bought something online. That might have something to do with the fact that I have a fairly small apartment. If I do buy something other than consumables, I have to think long and hard about what I'm getting rid of so I have room for it.